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released July 24, 2011

Sérgio Carrinho: Bass & Vocals
Vanessa Cabral: Vocals
Lino Vinagre: Lead Guitar
Hugo Ribeiro: Drums
Nuno Fontes: Rhythm Guitar
Paulo Martins: Keys & Synths

Special guests:

Zé Rocha: Vocals on “Fate”, “Mind game” & “Beyond the fire”
Lia Alves: Vocals on “Bring your blood”, “Pay the price” & “Secret sins”
Mic Ferreira: Vocals & Lyrics on “Fuck the system”

All songs written & arranged by Godvlad

Recorded at Audioplay Studios
Produced by Lino Vinagre & Godvlad
Engineered & Mixed by Lino Vinagre
Mastered by Francisco Martins

Artwork by P.N. Underground Designs
Godvlad logo by Sérgio Carrinho & Hugo Ribeiro
Godvlad symbol by Sito

Godvlad would like to thank the following people:

Mário & Violete Carrinho, Daniel & Lála Ribeiro, Rosa Santos, Catarina Carvalho, Lúcia Silva, Ana Duarte, Zélia Frazoa, Lia Alves, Paulo Perdiz, Zé Rocha & The Last of Them, Mic Ferreira, P.N. Serra, Jimmy Rocha & all at Audioplay Studios, Francisco Martins, Ricardo Fernandes, Luís Santos, Miguel Silva Photography, Sito, Nuno Fontes, Jerson Ribeiro, João Tavares, Susana Castelo Branco, Mané Soares, Mário Jorge Ferreira, Jorge Caetano, Bruno Pato, Tiago & Luís Tavares, Ricardo Melo, Tó Viegas, Chris Ferraz, Pedro Dias, Fernando Bicho, João Neves, Filipe Pombo, Zé Luís Barros & family, Bruno “Beef” Ferreira, Carla Fonseca, Tiago Santos, Fátima Ferreira, Paula Granada, Nuno Cabral, João Paulo Aça, Luís “Nose” Santos, Mário Lino, Zé & Miguel Gonçalves, Paul Silva, Anita & Paulo Martins, Ruby Roque, Versus Magazine, Via Nocturna Blog, Radio Metal France, Kickhunter, and everyone that helped make this band a reality.

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Track Name: Hungry Wolves
Words: Vanessa Cabral

Life is yours, you win your wars, you’re an emperor in command
In control of heart and soul, got the whole world in your hand

You’re so grand, you plot your scam and you’re lord of your domain
Think you’re brave you’re just a slave with a leash around your brain

Hungry wolves
Comin’ your way

They come crawling to you gently with submissive hazel eyes
Better look again my friend, it’s a sweet lamb in disguise

They will serve your dark desires just until you’re lead astray
Trusting smile will turn to grind and now suddenly you’re the prey

If you flee you won’t escape ‘cause they sniff you in the night
They will hunt you evermore so you better set to fight

All your lies and trickery kept them running in your trail
Face them and master your fear and your power shall prevail

No more
Running away

No more
Running away
Track Name: Bring Your Blood
Bring your blood
Words: Hugo Ribeiro

Behind, it’s out to get me
Inside, fear in my mind
Madness, determined to hurt me
So close, rushing to hide

Bring your blood to me

I hide, nowhere to find me
In time, hungry with rage
Insane, endless to free me
Lonely, I’m in a cage

I don’t want it

You can’t run away
Don’t you run
You can’t get away
Don’t you run away

Control, trying to tame it
Fearful, tearing inside
Power, helpless without it
Enter, we will collide

Hopeful, dying without it
Relief, getting away
Horror, thriving to stop it
Carnage, willing to stay

Beastly, gaining to grab me
Depraved, fierce and intense
Killing, ripping right through me
Painful, bleeding immense

Give your blood to me

Bloodthirst, extreme destruction
Torture, lifeless within
Dreadful, demonic possession
Hunger, devour me in
Track Name: Guilty
Words: Hugo Ribeiro

Killing a life I now will have to pay for
Cheating my mind to what I am in for
Pleading myself insane what will I go for
Lost in this place

Voices inside tell me what should I go for
Chancing my time how long will I be in for
Betting the life I chose just let me die for
Waiting for the pain

Breathe in, breathe out
Tell me how you feel
Breathe in, breathe out
Right now, right now

Breathe in, breathe out
I know how you feel
Breathe in, breathe out
Get out

Send me to death I know that I deserve to
Everything that is done I can't go back to
Can't really speak my mind cause I don't need to
Don't fucking care

Trying to find myself what am I going for
Changing what else I know which I stand for
Killing my soul just what are you waiting for
Lay me to rest

Facing the fact with my acts I'll have to die too
Bleeding inside my soul where is it going to
Damn me to hell I don't care I know I have to
Dead deep inside
Track Name: Roundabout
Words: Vanessa Cabral

You never say what you want
But you don’t want it over
You keep on pushing me around

You never show how you feel
But expect me to discover
I pick you up, you put me down

Ride, inside, my pride
I want you by my side
Go fast, go slow, don’t let me go

If only you were a dead end
I’d be so much closer
From turning back and walking out

But I can’t leave you
I’m stuck and I feel I’m growing older
Forever in your roundabout

Ride, inside, my pride
I want you by my side
Go high, go low, don’t let me go

No slowing down now
I want to get out
You keep me going round and round

I never know what you want
But you don’t want it over
You keep on pushing me around

Ride, inside, my pride
I want you by my side
Go yes, go no, don’t let me go
Track Name: Secret Sins
Secret Sins
Words: Hugo Ribeiro

You got me where you want me
I heard you call my name
You pull me in and take me
Somehow I feel the same

What you will ever know, I’ll never know
What you will ever show, I’ll never show
What you will ever hold, I’ll never hold
What you will ever know

Tied with secret sins within me
I can feel you take control
Tell me something what do you see
I can say the truth’s been told

What you’ll ever know
I will never show
What you’ll ever hold
I will never know

Why won’t you just go and free me
Please just let me be alone
Don’t come near I’m scared completely
I will say the truth’s unknown
Track Name: Fate
Words: Zé Rocha

Do you wanna try, I don’t want it
I can't take it anymore, I won’t take it
Do you want some time to realize it, I don’t need it
We're put as one you can’t deny it, I won’t have it
Do you wanna play, I don’t want it
Can you play it like before, I won’t take it
We're not the same why don’t you shut up, I don’t need it
I won't take it anymore, I wont have it

See the moon light up the earth
When it’s dark
Feel the light inside you
Illuminate your path

Follow me down, I don’t want it
Two bodies on the ground, I won’t take it
I'm addicted to you I can’t deny it, I don’t need it
I'm not ashamed, I'm proud of it, I wont have it
Let's try again, I don’t want it
Lets try again my friend, I won’t take it
Everything is gone it's not coming back, I don't need it
You won't be there like before, I won’t have it

See the moon light up the earth
When it’s dark
Feel the light inside you
Illuminate your path

Stare at fate in the eye
Fearless you must be
Face whatever lies ahead
It will set you free

Just this time
We can try

Follow me down
Into your body body on the ground
Follow me down
Leaving your body on the ground
Track Name: Joined For Life
Joined for life
Words: Hugo Ribeiro

Don't you judge me and don't you dare break me whole
See you in my dreams You scream I lose control

Don't want to break you I can't help you why can't you just go
I never wanted any part of this you know

You reflect me and I'm in need feed me your soul
Give me signs don't deny help me reach my goal

I will deny you I don't want you just leave me alone
I never wanted any part of what you've shown

We are both joined for life
We are, We are
We can be for all time

We are both joined for life
We are, We are
We will be for all time
We are

All I see to be is what future we can hold
To be free from this tyranny its just too cold

I'll just kill myself I need help please don't let go
You can't deny me set me free from this I hope
Track Name: Beyond The Fire
Words: Vanessa Cabral

They bathe me down in jasmine and put roses on my hair
Dress me up, I was chosen for the sultan’s bed again

My innocence was promised to you many moons ago
Loyal guard, now you bring the concubine to royal lust

Don’t face me
Mat busslesh keda

Don’t hurt me
Mat aablesh albi

Don’t hurt me
Mat aablesh albi

He takes me as you look away
You can’t take what is mine

I think of you to kill the pain
You can’t break what is mine

Oh, beyond the fire
My love is yours, my body’s vain
Beyond the fire

I pray each night you rescue me and ride us far away
But once more, maids are coming with red roses in their hands

Don’t you take her
Take it before you break it, don’t wanna take it
Make it before you cry
To break it, you wanna take it, you wanna break it
Make it before you cry
You can’t take what is mine, break what is mine
Take what is mine
You can’t take away my life

You can’t take what is mine, break what is mine
Track Name: Pay The Price
Pay the price
Words: Hugo Ribeiro

All I am is what you see here
What I've got is nothing clear
Time goes by the end is near
Free this course 'cause death is real

Try, Its what I want
Why, Its what I feel
Lies, Its what I see, what I believe
Cry, Its all I want
Life, Its all I need
Death, Its all I keep, all I plead

I’ll pay the price
I’ll pay the price

Creeping chills I can’t subdue
Feeding me hungry I grew
Life in fear I can’t get through
Clean my wounds what can I do

The poison spreads inside and out
Leaning curve I’m going down
Addiction serves it’s right for now
Chaos reigns and claims it’s crown
Track Name: God Vs. Vlad
God vs Vlad
Words: Vanessa Cabral

Say you’re in pain
I’ll give you everything of what is not
Hey, what keeps you hurting

All that you want from things that come around
Ain’t what you got
Hey, I feel you down

I say not enough
You deserve all that is not
What you will get

Give me, give me, give me your hand
It’s all I need

They took away from you
All the things for what you fought
Now will you pray again?
It’s time for payback,
There must be more of what is not

What brings you down
And down and down, you’re going down and down
Give me, give me, give me, come on and give me
All I need

I am the one who knows just how you feel
When what you got was sacrificed
Do you want more of what it is
Or more of what is not
I’ll show you paradise
See through my eyes, swallow my wine
One step, one breath, reach out, say yes
It’s all I need

I know you’re hurting
Drowning emptiness growing inside
From what all you lost
Time heals all wounds
If you are strong enough to turn the tide
Show what you’re made of

Be righteous, stand your ground
Be brave, don’t back down
Protect your soul

You are your deeds
You are not your mistakes
Do not forget your gift of life
Follow the light
Hollow promises win the hearts of fools

Don’t lose your grip to faith in every step
Stay on the tracks
Forget your hatered, learn to forgive
Be free, come clean, let go of grief
Be true and loyal to your path
Be true and loyal
Track Name: The Pain
Words: Hugo Ribeiro

This pain won't leave me alone
Just can't take it anymore
This disease is taking over me
Powerless over its control

can't think of anything but the pain
Just kill me

Rage is dueling within me
Struggling with this torment
Trembling with a torturous fear
My world is coming down

The pain is spreading like sickness
Hair stands in the back of my neck
Sending shivers down my spine
Just kill me

I won't stand you anymore
I don't want it
I won't take it furthermore
I don't want this
Don't you dare try me again
I am done here
Don't you wait for me again
won't shed a tear
Track Name: Mind Game
Words: Zé Rocha

Don't play the game
Here in my mind now its time for me to show you I
I had enough of your games so understand my side
Feeling the pain of a pain that you are causing me
I'm living life I was blind so don’t you pity me, stop running away
Running away, running away from you, running away
Living the pain living the pain for you, living all the pain for you

Don’t act like you care
Don’t say it’s in vain
I’m not guilty to dare
To play you mind game

Don’t you starve for
What you won’t attain
We’re just playing a mind game

Playing your mind game

Don’t play the game
Facing the fact that you act like you're invisible
I'm not afraid of your game, I'm not a appendable
Being the lies of your size of all the compromise
I've had enough of your games so don't you apologize, don't take the blame
Coming around coming around for you coming around
Falling on down falling on down on you falling right down on you

Stop calling my name
Don’t wanna play your game

Don't play the game
Finding a way how to make into another day
Its not a menace to me, I'm not afraid of pain
I can do fine in my mind I see the reasons why
I never need to believe, I want you by my side, don’t feel ashamed
Getting away getting away from you, getting away
Finding a way finding a way somehow, we'll find a way somehow
Track Name: Pact With The Devil
Words: Hugo Ribeiro

Death is not the end, its the beginning of the end
Life is just the preparation for what's coming when I die
That is why my life's a lie
Don't you judge me with the way I died

I want a pact with the devil

God left me behind
Ain't by my side
I'll renounce him for his lies
They were lies, all filthy lies
Set me free from tyranny in the skies

I want a pact with the devil

Hell is my reality, its my eternity
Fate has brought me here but I can bare the suffering
Pain is the way while I decay
I can say that I deserve to stay

I made a pact with the devil